Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

HB EggsHard-Boiled Eggs are one of my favorite foods to have for breakfast, as a snack, or protein to balance out a meal. I’ve tried many different methods and have found that the method I share below is the easiest way for me as a busy working bee. It is best to use “old” eggs as they peel much easier, and use the best quality eggs you can afford (preferably, organic and cage-free). Boiled properly, they are convenient and portable, and last about a week in the fridge. Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein and vitamins including B vitamins and folic acid. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, they actually help raise HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels. So go ahead and enjoy them! The yolks are the best part, and depending on what the hens are fed from your egg source, they can also be full of omega-3s.

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
  • 6 Eggs (preferably about a week old)
  • Water
  1. Put eggs in a medium saucepan and fill with cold water up until an inch over the eggs
  2. Set saucepan over medium heat for exactly 18 minutes
  3. When the 18 minutes are up, place saucepan under cold running water for about 2 minutes
  4. Peel those for immediate consumption, and store the rest unshelled in a bowl in the fridge (lasts about a week)
As breakfast or a snack, roughly chop 1 - 2 eggs. Sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice and season with salt, pepper, and your favorite dried herbs and spices.


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